Star Fruit


Star fruit, just as the name implies, resembles a 'star' when sliced into a cross section. Star fruit is an exotic tropical fruit also known as carambola. Picked at its peak ripeness and fresh frozen as star fruit puree or IQF star fruit for use as food and beverage ingredients.

Due to its sweetness with low sugar content, and unique flavor profile, starfruit popularity as an all-natural ingredient is growing. Starfruit purees add an interesting tropical flavor to healthy beverages, smoothies, and fruit juices.

IQF starfruit appears as an ingredient in dessert treats like fruit bars, ice creams, and sorbets. It's most common to see starfruit as a decorative and edible garnish on many buffets, dessert trays, and beverage bars.

Our fresh frozen starfruit suppliers offer:

  • IQF Whole Starfruit
  • IQF Diced Starfruit
  • IQF Sliced Starfruit
  • Sugar Packs
  • Straight Pack
  • Starfruit Puree
  • Heat Treated
  • Pasteurized


Minimum orders quantity applies:

Fruit and vegetables: 20,000 lbs. product in stock otherwise 40,000 lbs. or 72,000 lbs. depending on the product. Only for hot peppers if in stock MOQ are 6,000 lbs.

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