Conventional and organic blueberry suppliers are growing rapidly in Mexico. Our growers and processors offer IQF blueberries and organic blueberry purees from blueberry varieties that are hardy to the region. They supply great tasting organic blueberries approximately eight months out of the year.

IQF blueberries enhance the flavor of ice creams, fine pastry fillings, muffins, jams, jellies, preserves, and fruit bases. Organic blueberry purees add natural flavor to fruit bars, smoothies, yogurts, and sorbets. Manufacturers add blueberry juice to beverages, smoothies, and other recipes as a natural sweetener and its high antioxidant profile.

Request a sample to see for yourself just how great conventional and organic blueberry suppliers' products from Mexico can be.

  • IQF Whole Blueberries
  • Straight Pack
  • Sugar Packs
  • Blueberry Purees
  • Freeze Dried Blueberries
Minimum orders quantity applies:

Fruit and vegetables: 20,000 lbs. product in stock otherwise 40,000 lbs. or 72,000 lbs. depending on the product. Only for hot peppers if in stock MOQ are 6,000 lbs.


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