Key Lime


Fresh frozen organic IQF key lime and organic key lime juice are two of our most popular fruit ingredients with a variety of uses in dairy, bakery, and beverages. Add organic key lime to ice creams, frozen treats, yogurts, and pies. Organic key lime juice is a common beverage ingredient for 100% fruit juices, other 'not from concentrate' juices and tropical fruit beverages. Organic key lime juice has been a staple in authentic Hispanic dishes like guacamole and salsa for centuries. Now organic key lime is being used more and more as an ingredient in other sauces and marinades.

Our conventional and organic key lime suppliers have key lime juice available as 'not from concentrate' (NFC) and concentrated in both chilled liquid and frozen formats. For the best key lime pricing and availability, please place your orders before the harvest season begins as organic key lime supplies are very tight.

Key lime juice comes in a variety of formats to meet your exacting specifications. We offer NFC key lime juice as both pasteurized or unpasteurized formats for food and beverage industrial manufacturing. All our unpasteurized juices follow strict FSMA protocol. Our key lime concentrate products are delivered as either cloudy or clarified.

  • IQF Key Lime Slices
  • Key Lime Juice (NFC &Concentrate)
  • Straight Pack



Minimum orders quantity applies:

Fruit and vegetables: 20,000 lbs. product in stock otherwise 40,000 lbs. or 72,000 lbs. depending on the product. Only for hot peppers if in stock MOQ are 6,000 lbs.

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