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Foreign Supplier Verification Activities

All of our processors and products have been validated and verified under our robust FSVP, and are under strict continue reviewing and testing of compliance by our full time Qualified Individual and by Azzule Core Systems QI team.

Quality & Safety Control

At Del Carmen Foods, we ensure the ingredients supplied to our customers are grown, harvested, packed, processed, and handled in a manner compliant with FDA / FSMA / FSVP rules for products sourced outside of the United States.

A robust FSVP in place.

A robust FSVP in place. As the Importer of Record, we have an experienced, trained, and qualified individual working full time in our Mexico office, where most of our supplier facilities are located. 


We work together with Azzule Core Systems to maintain our FSVP Program. Del Carmen Foods constantly reviews programs and activities to ensure FSVP compliance for foods imported into the United States. Our products are sourced from suppliers who are analyzed, approved, and verified for hazards. Our company uses Supplier Risk Based Hazard Analysis in all products being imported to the U.S. for development of initial approval requirements and post approval verification activities. There is also an emergency approval system for covering short supply situations, contingent supplier(s) or emergencies. 


 Del Carmen Foods is constantly doing third party COA’s to test consistency and verify our ingredients compliance.

Exceptional Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control:

For Del Carmen Foods, safety and quality control are of the utmost importance. Of course we comply with all HACCP and FDA standards as all food ingredient companies must. We also add provisions for Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) to establish our standard operating procedures and training. This process allows us to focus our expertise on hitting safety and quality control benchmarks from the farm to processor all the way to our final customer. The Quality Control team tests and re-tests all products throughout the process and then we prepare samples for independent third party lab testing. Finished product is released by our team based only on full compliance with all product specifications.